August 29, 2014

Fall/Winter Fashion Wish List

It's still in the 90's here in Charlotte, but back to school has me dreaming of Fall weather and of course, new fashions. Here are a few items I rounded up that are on my wish list!

First up, I never got my hands on Zara's infamous Blanket Scarf, but Ali Express has come out with an identical version that I picked up for around $15. I cannot wait to wear it, but I know I have a lot of "studying" to do learning how to wear it! I heard it is massive and one needs an instruction manual to learn how to put it on properly. I am up for the challenge!

I've seen a lot of great leather pieces out for Fall. I love love love leather shorts, but truthfully, I just know I won't get the chance to wear them. I have a pair of leather leggings that will get great use, but I am loving the idea of a cute leather skirt. Here is a really affordable one from H and M.  Please note I would NOT wear said skirt like the chick below :) I am thinking a cute blouse and heels or a cozy sweater.

I loved wearing hats this summer and this Fall flopping wool hats are everywhere! I am loving this one.

I have not bought a wool coat since I lived in New York City and got a beautiful red coat at a sample sale. And that my friends was back in 2001! So, I am really overdue for a nice winter coat. This Vince one below is out of this world!

Something else hard to believe is that I do not have a proper black handbag! A sin I know! I have tan and pink and every pattern in between, but black I do not. This Chloe bag is a major wish list item, but unless someone has $2,000 to lend me, this will remain on my wish list and I'll find another more affordable version! A girl can dream....

Finally, I did pick up these cute Steve Madden leopard flats. I have a very well loved and used Tory Burch Reva pair in leopard, but I love the pointy toes and shape of these. I can't wait to wear these with plaid tops, leather leggings and stripes of course!

Of course I had a pair of black destroyed denim on my list too, but since I made this pair, I am all set! So what's on your wish list? I'd love to hear!

August 28, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

Since having children, especially two, I haven't taken care of my nails in any shape or form. Most of the time I see manicures, at home or a salon, as wasteful because it will only be a matter of days before I chip them! Between doing projects around here, washing dishes, playing with the kids and general wear and tear, my manicures just never last. Gel manicures sounded like a good idea, but I didn't like the idea of being committed to going to a salon every two weeks to keep up with the maintenance. 

So, when I saw some people talking about Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish, my ears perked up. Best of all it's a gel polish that needs NO UV light! I never wanted to buy the other gel products on the market because I was skeptical about buying one of those little UV lights they sold, for a lot of money, in those kits. It claims to give you up to 14 days of color and shine and easy removal. Even if I got one week of no chipping I'd be psyched! 

So, I decided to grab at least the top coat of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish to try over my other nail polishes I had at home. They also sell the polish in a bunch of colors that you can use with the top coat. I thought since I already have tons of polish at home, I'd give the top coat a try and if I like it I could go back and try one of the Gel colors underneath. 

This stuff is clearly popular as our Target was sold out of everything except one duo kit that had a color and the top coat in it. It was selling for $14.99, but the color was not my style. So reluctantly I went to CVS and lo and behold found a display of the line up front with all the new products. I grabbed a top coat and ran home! 

So, during naptime I gave myself a little manicure.

I started by using my CND Solar Oil on my cuticles and simply pushed them back with a stick. I don't cut my cuticles, so this keeps them in check.

Then using one of my all time favorite shades, Essie's Geranium, I painted two coats.

Then, I used the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Topcoat. They say you just need one coat, so that's what I did!

It gave a nice shiny finish and dried really fast! One day later it is still looking good (!) and although not as shiny as when I first applied it, my nails feel extremely strong.

So, what do you thing? Worth a try? If it hold up how it claims it will, I am all in and can't wait to try more colors. I will definitely report back on how it holds up!

August 26, 2014

D.I.Y. Tassel Blanket

Ok, so this project has been sitting around undone for about three weeks now. It was one of the simplest projects ever, but my mind is always racing in 1001 different directions and I tend to start one thing, not finish, and begin two others.  But finally, last night as my kids were playing outdoors, I picked up my tassels, needle and thread and sat down to watch them and finish up this cute blanket. Enjoy!

Of course this project was inspired by another great tutorial I found online here at Tell Love and Chocolate.  I didn't add the colored stripes through the blanket as she did, but rather just stuck to the tassels. I knew I eventually wanted to add this blanket to my bedroom, so I picked a navy blue yarn I had on hand. If I did this again I probably would have chosen a higher quality yarn, but it still came out pretty darn good!

First up, I picked up this really cheap basic GURLI blanket from Ikea for $12.99:

Next I set out making lots of tassels. These were really simple once you got the hang of them. You don't have to make them perfect either as you can give them a little "haircut" at the end to even them out. It's a good idea to make them a little longer than you want them to be to leave room to trim them all the same length.

I used my four fingers, leaving my thumb out, as a wrapping device! You can also cut a piece of cardboard to use as a wrap around like in the original tutorial. I tried both and both worked fine!

Photo 1-2: I started the string at the top of my fingers, then simply wrapped the string around 22 times.

Once I was back to where I started, I cut the string off.

Photo 3-5: Next, I cut a small piece of string and fed it through the wrapped strings. I slid it to the bottom and tied a knot. This will keep the strings all together.

Photo 6: Now you can carefully slide the strings off your fingers, keeping it flat.

Photo 7: Use your scissors on the opposite end to cut through the strings. This is the end that is NOT tied.

Now you have the beginnings of the tassel. Again, don't worry about random strings hanging too long or short. You'll fix this later.

Photo 8-9: Cut another short string and tie it around the tassel, just under where you secured the strings at the top. You can let the excess hang and blend in with the rest of the tassel strings.

Repeat this about 20 times. I ended up using 9 tassels per side, but you may want to make a few extra if you want to have a fuller look.

Then I laid the blanket on the ground and lined up the tassels along one side to see how far apart I wanted to space them.

Once this was determined, I snipped off the top strings and sewed each tassel to the blanket with thread the same color as the blanket.

Repeat this as many times as you need to until all the tassels are attached! Once this is complete you can go back and trim any excess string and even out the tassels.

What do you think? Pretty easy, right? Let me know if you give it a try yourself!