July 28, 2015

On My Nightstand


Hello? Anyone still there? For the past three weeks I have been traveling with my little family to see friends and family up North. We have had a great time and while I had planned to blog while away, ultimately I decided to take a little break and enjoy every minute I had. I will be filling you all in on our trip later this week, but in the mean time I wanted to share three books I read while away. If you are a parent of little kids, you will understand how impossible it is to read while "on vacation." This in fact is the first Summer that I have read a book while away! Quite the accomplishment in my book.

First up I read another novel by Chevy Stevens, Never Knowing. A few months back I had mentioned I read Still Missing by Stevens - also great. Never Knowing is about a young widowed woman, Sara Gallagher, with a daughter, who was looking towards her future and marrying her wonderful boyfriend. Before marrying, Sara sets out to find her birth parents, as she was adopted as a baby. What she begins to uncover is incredibly creepy and soon she finds her life, as well as her fiance and daughter's, in grave danger. This was surely another page turner and kept me hooked until the end. I am thankful Stevens has many other novels that I plan to begin soon!

Next up was a very dark and creepy book called Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge.  If you liked any of Chevy Steven's or Gillian Flynn's books, you'll enjoy this book as well. The book follows detective Helen Grace as she sets out to find the serial killer behind a set of recent murders where one person always makes it out alive. The connections between the victims seem unrelated at first, but soon Helen begins to see how the murderer is choosing her victims. 


Finally, I read Saving Grace by Jane Green, whom most of you readers have probably heard of! She is a popular author and written many hits like Mr. MaybeThe Beach House, Swapping Lives and many more!  In Saving Grace, Grace is a middle aged English woman, married to a famous author, living a grand and beautiful life in America. In attempts to organize her life a bit more, she hires an assistant to her run her home and help her husband with his many projects, commitments and appointments. While Grace is initially over the moon with her new hire and how quickly her life becomes organized and more efficient, soon she begins to see little warning signs of trouble. It isn't long before her home, social life, job, finances and husband are all in danger of being taken away from her. Certainly a great light Summer read!

So what have you been reading? Any great recommendations? 

July 6, 2015

4th of July


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We were lucky enough to spend it with family in Connecticut. Here's a little peek from my iphone!











July 2, 2015

My Latest Obsession

A few months ago I took a stab at making jewelry. I quickly found that I LOVED doing it and it allowed me to channel my creative passions and love for jewelry into one! I have made a bunch of pieces for friends and family and even a few for Instagram followers! Here is a picture overload of some of the pieces I have made. I have many more ideas I hope to put into reality over the next few weeks as well!

I LOVE these white wood bead and neon tassel ones. I can make them in just about any color, but the neon is so much fun for Summer and really goes with everything! I have been wearing mine non stop.

This turqouise and pink spikey necklace is so fun! It looks great with a simple tee or dressed up with something fun and colorful! I have a fuschia dress I plan to wear this with on a date night!

A close up of a few pretties.

This coral and turquoise one is great with light and dark colors (and in bathroom selfies :))

These are some pretties I made with stones and tassels. The beads here are mostly mountain jade.

Here's a pretty I sent to one of my besties!

Here's another I sent to a college friend! They really make an outfit. You can wear something totally simple and BAM! It is instantly more interesting with a long tassel necklace. 

Another pretty combo sent to a friend of a friend!

One of my first pieces, love the turq and pink combo. Again, colors and tassel or stone colors all can be changed!

Love this lilac one with a beautiful gold rimmed druzy pendant.

I also have made a bunch of wire wrapped bangles (left). They are so fun to stack! I also began making some mountain jade stretch bracelets. The combinations are endless!

So that's just a little peak into my latest obsession! Feel free to contact me if you like any of the pieces or want to do something custom! My contact is lifeandlovelyblog@gmail.com.