October 1, 2014

Projects Around the House: Building Shelves in Devon's Room

I've given you a look into many rooms in our home and I have to say I really love my son's Devon's room. It has been a work in progress, and still is, but it has been really fun to work on.  You can see more photos of his room here

One area where he keeps his toys and legos however has been in need of organization.  I am on the hunt for a larger play table that could convert to a desk when he gets a little older.  Land of Nod has some great options that are on my radar.  Next to the play table area I wanted some shelves where he could keep some decorative items, pictures, books and completed Legos that he doesn't want his little brother to take apart.  So, I made a trip to Ikea on Monday and picked up a few end brackets and Tuesday took a ride to Home Depot and had some wood cut to use as shelves. Ikea had wood shelves as well, but I wanted to go for a distressed weathered look with the wood to look like his Ikea nightstands. 

I had three 30 inch x 1 inch x 11 inch pieces of wood cut at the store. 

To give the wood the appearance of being well, not new, I took a hammer, a screw driver and some sandpaper to the wood.  I used the screw driver and hammer to make dents and marks on the wood and the sandpaper to smooth out the sharp edges and create ones. 

To insure that the stain wouldn't be too dark and would be less perfect and more weathered looking, I applied a thin layer of water on the wood with a paintbrush. 

Then using a can of stain I had in the Garage, Mixwax Special Walnut, I applied a very thin layer to the board using the same brush. Since you used the water first, you'll see how the wood absorbs more stain in some places than others. This is important so the board doesn't look too perfect. 

Then I used a clean rag to wipe the excess stain off the board. 1-2 coats of stain is all I needed to achieve the color I was looking for. 

I let the boards dry before flipping them over and staining the other side. 

After the boards dried I grabbed my brackets, some anchors, my screwdriver and hammer. These anchors below are the best by the way.

It had been a long day and I had two old shelves I had to remove first, so sadly I only got one shelf hung by the end of the day.  However, I was really excited to see how great the first one came out! Two things to point out, because I can be really anal, especially when I see things in photos. 1) I made some holes next to the shelf that didn't work out. Those will obviously be patched! 2)OMG, that cable outlet is cream while every other cover and trim piece in the room is white. That is driving me bananas to see. Need to switch that out! 3) I know this shelf looks low, but there will be a few of them and I wanted Devon to be able to reach them too. When it is all complete, it will make sense :)

I would like to line the baskets under the shelves and maybe add wheels too. Because I like to add multiple projects while I am still trying to finish one project. It's kinda my thing.

Just so you get the full picture of how the room looks after a day of working and letting my children pull out every other toy in the house :)

I'll give you a final update on his room once I get the shelves completed!

September 26, 2014

Projects Around the House This Week

Here's a look around our house this week and some little updates I've made!

First up, I finally finished our gallery wall. I love seeing these beautiful photos every time I walk up and down the stairs.  If you live in central Connecticut and are looking for a great photographer, we used Kelli Dease Photography and highly recommend her!

My oldest son LOVES Halloween, and any holiday for that matter, so we began putting a few decorations out here and there. I love this yarn wrapped pumpkin from Target.

I've had these cute little animal head hooks from Marshalls for awhile now and just wasn't sure where to use them. For now I put one above each wall of books in the playroom. I think they will really pop once I get around to painting the room a darker blue color. 

 A fun and quick little project I've been wanting to do is add these gold corner brackets to my Ikea Ribba frames in my bedroom. They add a nice little detail and take a boring white frame to the next level!  I found the brackets at the Home Depot. Each set of 4 was $2.50.

Here's a little shot of my DIY Moth Art before getting its gold brackets.

And after!

Finally, after receiving a Pottery Barn rewards coupon, I got these beautiful Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillows for our master. They are huge and AMAZING!! Again, this room also desperately needs to be painted, so I really think they will look even better once the room is complete. 

 Well that's it for this week! Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here next week!

September 25, 2014

My New Favorite Breakfast

Happy Thursday folks, I am back today with a quick and easy (and delicious) breakfast! It has been my go to recently and I've even got my boys loving it. Here's what you'll need:

-Greek yogurt (I like Chobani 0% Vanilla)
-Chia Seeds
-Ground Flax Seed
-Shredded Coconut (I get mine at Trader Joes)
-Granola of your choice (I LOVE Back to Nature in Chocolate Delight)

Combine everything in a bowl and give it a good mix! I don't measure, but generally use about 2-3 heaping spoonfuls of yogurt, a large pinch of coconut, a tablespoon of chia and flax a large spoonful of granola.  Adjust as you like of course!  The chia and flax is a perfect addition to yogurt because you literally do not taste them whatsoever and you get all the fiber, protein, and Omega-3's that they provide.