March 23, 2015

Life and Loving Lately

Hi friends! Long time no see...I am back today with a little update on life! First up, I am in LOVE with the show Wentworth on Netflix. It is an Australian womens' prison drama and comparable to Orange is the New Black (another fav of mine!). Wentworth however is a bit darker and in no way a comedy. The show is very character driven like OITNB, but these women have done serious crime and the show can get quite dark. After two episodes I was hooked and am so over the moon I found this incredible series. 

We have had some beautiful days around here, like 70 and 80 degree days. How beautiful was this sunset? The kids got spoiled last week with evening walks with ice cream cones, mommy, daddy and our dog Zoe.

Little boys always look so cute after haircuts...but my boys have some complicated hair, like their mommy and daddy, and I desperately need to find them a new place to get their haircuts. It always looks cute at first, but grows out terribly!

Last Sunday I took my boys to a local donut truck in town called Sugar Handmade Gourmet Donuts. Let's just say I didn't need to be convinced as I have a slight obsession with handmade donuts. They didn't disappoint and were some of the best I think I've ever had! Devon's favorite was the Maple Bacon, Liam's the Vanilla Bean, and my husband and I loved the Toasted Coconut.

A few weeks ago I found a Groupon for Canvas on Demand, a company that makes beautiful photo canvases. I've admired them for awhile now, but not the prices. When I saw two canvases on Groupon for $49, I jumped on it! If I had paid full price they would have been close to $250! I am in the midst of painting the playroom navy blue, so these will look great hung over the fireplace when I am done!

I had a slight change in plans on the boys' bath and decided to put the stars on the ceiling. Once I primed the walls, I realized they wouldn't look good white next to the off white sink. So, up on the ceiling the stars went and now we are deciding wether to paint the walls light teal or cover them in grasscloth to match the shower area.

My knobs came in and look great!

Finally, are your kids obsessed with Easter egg hunts? I swear we start them two months ahead of time and it never gets old. They could care less what's in the eggs and most of the time we use nothing at all! Other times they find little sticks and berries outside to fill them :)

 Well, that's it! Thanks for checking in with me!

March 11, 2015

Boys' Bathroom Makeover

After subjecting my boys to violet parasol covered wallpaper for over a year, I decided it was time to tackle their bathroom and make it a little more to their liking. Ok, I can't say they actually ever complained about it, but I can't quite take the wallpaper anymore, so down it's come and I've been working on pulling it all together. 

Seeing as the vanity is in good shape, it will stay. I can't say it's my first, second or 33rd choice, but for now, it's fine. The mirror is quite girly, but I think it is just a builders grade mirror that's been trimmed out in beveled glass. I hope to pry that off it I can and re-trim it with a white wood border. 

The shower is a teal tile, which is fine, but rather specific. Outside of the shower, around the toilet area is covered in grasscloth. I love grasscloth, but I am not the biggest fan of the shade of cloth the previous owners chose to go with the teal tile. It's rather yellow, but for now, I am going to try and make it work. If it doesn't flow once I am done the rest of the bath, I may change it. 

Ok, so here's my vision! You can click on the items below to link directly to them.

Boys' Bathroom Makeover


1. I already picked up some new towels from Better Homes and Garden at...Walmart! I was there a few weeks ago and saw them there and knew they'd work perfectly! They were super duper affordable and had a nice selection of colors and patterns.

2. I have a few glass jars for the counter to hold washcloths and something more decorative in the other.

3. I've ordered decals from before, so I went back for another order. I plan to paint the walls white around the sink area and add these teal stars. I think they will be the right balance of kid friendly and work with the existing color scheme in the shower area.

3. I already have this zig zag rug from Target in their bath, so it will stay.

4. I knew I didn't want simple silver knobs, so I found these jute trimmed ones from World Market. They were a total steal and half the price of any others I found.

5. I've always wanted one of Sharon Montrose's fabulous and adorable animal prints. I plan to pick up two smaller prints for either side of the sink area.

6. Finally, these accessories from Target will look great with the makeover. I already have the exact soap dispenser in my kitchen and love it!

So there it is! Hopefully it should be done in the next two weeks and I can show you the final reveal!

March 9, 2015

A Beautiful Day at the Zoo

This past weekend we checked out the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina and had a great time. It was 70 plus degrees, bright blue skies and the perfect day to explore. The zoo was terrific, reasonably priced and had pretty decent food. For $79 we got a year pass that came with 6 extra guest passes. One more trip will more than pay for the price! 

The Sea Urchins were beautiful! I love seeing the jelly fish, starfish, corals and anemone. Simply amazing.

OMG. I wish I had better video of the penguins (I took a lot). They were simply my favorite hands down. They had a huge indoor tank that you could walk right up to and watch them swim and my favorite, jump in and out of the water. They are the CUTEST creatures ever and I could have stayed parked there all day!

Oh the flamingos! Their colors are out of this world and unlike anything manmade!

Have a great day!