May 22, 2015

My Little Graduate

This week my little baby, ok almost five year old, graduated from Pre School! I don't know where the time has gone, but next year he will be off to Kindergarten.  It's hard for me to grasp that he will be away from me all day and in someone else's hands, but I know he is more than ready and will fly. We had some donuts, a new Lego set and balloons at breakfast and then met up later at his school for a little program. His school is tiny and simple and has been such a blessing for us. The love he has received from all his teachers is invaluable.  For weeks he had told us he would receive his very own bible at graduation, and boy was he excited when it was placed in his hands! So cute. He literally wanted to hold it in every picture.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

May 18, 2015

A Disney Recap!

So last week our little family took a trip to Disney and had an amazing trip. I almost used the word magical, but seriously, you'll hear that word no less than 1001 times on your trip, so for now, I think it's a bit played out! I wanted to share some photos of our trip and in another post I definitely want to share some good tips I learned along the way about traveling to Disney with two children under 5. Overall I think we did a great job, but as always, there are so many more things to do that we didn't get to and plan to do next time we visit. 

Our first stop was to Downtown Disney to visit the T-Rex Cafe. My children are dinosaur crazy, so we knew this was a great way to kick off the trip! The inside was awesome, and if you've been to a Rainforest Cafe, then you have an idea already as to what the experience is like (it is actually owned by the same group and the menu is virtually identical). The boys loved it and was a sure hit. 

Next stop was the giant LEGO store right next to the cafe. My older son is an avid LEGO builder, so he was in heaven. The huge LEGO creations inside and out of the store are amazing!

Next we checked into our hotel and of course went right to one of the two pools. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the Kidani Village. It was amazing and the kids could have simply stayed in the hotel for the entire week and been just as excited. Our room looked out over the "Savanna" and we could see lots of different animals out there grazing every day such as Zebra, Ostriches and Giraffes.

We went back to Downtown Disney on Mother's Day and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. My kids love this place, but again, it is the exact same menu as the T Rex cafe, so I wouldn't suggest visiting two days back to back like we did!

The Magic Kingdom was the first park we visited and definitely loads of fun! It was so hot (like 95 degrees hot!) but somehow we made it through with little problems and no sunburn!

 I'll share more about what rides we did and some tips, but here's a shot from The Little Mermaid. Definitely one of my favorites!

Devon loved this Jungle Safari Cruise!

There is SO much planning that goes into a Disney trip, so I definitely didn't get everything down pat the first time, such as character meet up times, but we totally lucked out and ran into Buzz Lightyear when were heading out the park! He was the one character I really wanted my boys to meet and they were in awe for sure!

I have some other photos on my phone that I will share another day, but here is one from an amazing mini golf place we visited on a day off from the parks. It was called Pirates Cove Mini Golf and the boys, and adults, had a blast!

Hanging out on our deck before dinner. 

One of two dinners we had at our hotel. This was an African themed buffet spot called Boma which was really tasty. My husband and I had a dinner out alone which was off the charts! I'll share more on that later this week.

We only went to two parks, and definitely wish we went to one more, but here we are entering the Animal Kingdom.

Finally, on the way home we took a brief detour to Hilton Head Island. Sadly we were all SO beat and decided to wrap up the trip early the next morning after breakfast. 

That's it for today, but I'll be sharing plenty more about our trip throughout the week!

May 7, 2015

Packing for a Florida Getaway!

I can't believe I have actually gotten it together this week to post twice! Wow!

This month we are heading to Florida for a little getaway with the fam! We will be staying in Disney and hitting the parks a few days and hopefully just chilling at our hotel pool the others! Of course I've been thinking about packing every since we booked the trip, so I thought I'd share a few of the outfits I'll be bringing! My general rule is if you are driving, bring the biggest bag you have and cram all that you can in there. Yes it will be heavy, yes I will have extra clothes I won't wear, but I love being prepared and having options. Plus, when you don't have to lug things through airports, who cares about your bag being a little full?

First up, I am bringing three, well maybe 5, bags. One large tote from Land's End, which is perfect for a summer trip and full of room. Next, my Old Navy Pom Pom Beach Tote and my Tory Burch Toiletry case.  I'll also have a backpack for the parks and a small clutch in case we go out. 

 I mentioned these shorts in an earlier post, and I can't wait to break them in! I found the perfect tank from Old Navy that is super flattering and isn't fitted around the middle which I love! The shoes, purse and bag are all old picks from my closet.

This outfit did not come out clearly, but it's a simple cotton racerback dress from Target, a pair of Burberry Jelly Shoes and my clutch. The necklace is my favorite part and something I made myself. I hope to share more of that hobby with you all soon! I can wear this out to dinner, or lose the necklace and clutch and wear it over my suit to the pool!

Another dinner outfit that I love...isn't it the best feeling to come back from the pool, rest, shower and go out to eat? My favorite part of vacation!

This Lilly cotton dress is SO comfortable and easy. The necklace is another I made (along with the bangles) and I'll throw on my Tory Thora Thong Sandals and favorite polish of the moment: Essie's Play Date.

Not the most exciting outfit, but hey, I have to be practical when hitting the parks with 90 degree weather with two toddlers! I found this AMAZING Helmut Lang twist tank (and a matching skirt) at Marshalls last year for $15! It retails for $150! It is thin, flattering and not just a boring old tee. I am wearing it with a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans I cut off into shorts, an old pair of Tory Sneakers and a nylon Prada backpack. I'll throw in a Fedora too to keep the sun off my face.

Bracelets I made.

A few basics!

Ooops. And maybe a few more dresses.  The embroidered one is actually from the little girls' section of Old Navy - so cute!  But hey! I think dresses are way easier and more comfortable in the heat. Just throw on flip flops and you're done!

I am unsatisfied with my bathingsuit situation, so I am throwing in options. I don't want to spend $200 on a beautiful suit and all the others I have found in stores are just blah. I do LOVE my La Blanca red suit which I found at Marshalls last year for under $50. It couldn't be more flattering. I am just not a red person in general, so I do wish it were pink or navy. The patterned one from Old Navy is very flattering although I am not sold on the pattern. It's totally not like me, but somehow I still kinda like it. The leopard suit is from the Target girls' section and the Lilly bikini may or may not make an appearance. We will see how tan my self tanner gets me prior to the trip!

Finally, a few coverups from Old Navy!

That's it folks! There may or may not be a few more things tucked into my bag, but this is the majority of it. Hope to see you back here next week!